Resetting Trimmers Back to Zero - HMD60 - HMD65

HMD65 User Guide

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  • Computer with Windows operating system and Vaisala Insight software installed
  • Vaisala USB cable 219690 for connecting the probe
  • Small Phillips head screwdriver for turning the trimmer(s)
If you need to reset a trimmer back to zero (±0 point), use the Insight PC software to restore factory adjustments for the parameter the trimmer adjusts (RH or T).
  1. Turn the trimmer(s) back to the middle position (±0 point)
  2. Connect the transmitter to Insight. See Connecting to Insight software.
  3. Select > Calibrate > Yes to switch the probe to calibration mode.
  4. Select the parameter you want to reset (RH adjustment or T adjustment).
  5. Select Restore factory adjustment and confirm by selecting Yes.
  6. Reset each parameter (RH or T) separately as needed with the trimmer turned back to the middle position (±0 point). The trimmer adjustment now starts from the ±0 point of the default trimmer adjustment range (see Calibration and Adjustment Using Trimmers).