Calibration and Adjustment Using Trimmers - HMD60 - HMD65

HMD65 User Guide

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HMD60 transmitters have 2 separate trimmers for RH and T measurement output adjustment mounted on the component board. The trimmers allow for easy 1-point adjustment of the measurement output against a reference with a known value.

The transmitters are shipped with the trimmers centered. Turning the trimmer counter-clockwise decreases the measurement output value, and turning clockwise increases the value. Figure 1 shows the trimmer adjustment ranges for RH and T (-5 %RH … +5 %RH and -0.3 °C … +0.3 °C (-0.54 °F … +0.54 °F).

Figure 1. RH and T Adjustment Trimmer Ranges (Indicative)
The trimmers will only turn 135 degrees each way, less than half a rotation. Do not force the trimmer past the stopping point.
CAUTION If you use the Insight PC software to adjust the measurement or to restore the factory settings, always return the physical trimmer to the middle position before starting. When you make an adjustment with Insight, the position in which the trimmer is at that point is set as the ±0 point.