Installing CAB100B with mounting frame - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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  • 4‑mm Allen key
  • 10-mm wrench
  • Drill and 8-mm drill bits for making the installation holes
  • Spirit level
CAUTION For safety reasons, do not carry out installations alone. Safe installation requires at least 2 people.

CAB100 analog input channels are not surge protected. Therefore, note the following:

  • The analog input channel wiring must not exceed 30 meters.
  • The wiring must not come from outside the building where CAB100 is installed.

If CAB100 cannot be installed in an environment that meets the above criteria, use a suitable surge protection device that has been installed following local regulations.

CAUTION Do not drill holes in the backplate or the enclosure. Drill shavings may damage the equipment inside the cabinet.

CAB100 is shipped with a mounting frame and installation accessories for indoor wall installation. If the screws delivered with the mounting frame are not suitable for the wall material in the installation location, use any appropriate screws to attach the frame.

Figure 1. CAB100B wall installation accessories
Hole for wall plug (4 pcs)
Wall plug (4 pcs)
Mounting slot (2 pcs)
Hex wood screw M6×40 DIN571 A2 (4 pcs)
  1. Drill holes into the wall. Use the mounting frame as a guide.
  2. Place the wall plugs into the drilled holes.
  3. Attach the mounting frame to the wall with screws.
  4. Lift the enclosure into place.

    Hang the enclosure onto the frame by sliding the mounting studs on the back of the enclosure into the mounting slots of the frame.

  5. Attach the bottom of the enclosure to the mounting frame.
    Washer with EPDM gasket 6.8/16×1.5/A2/EPDM (2 pcs)
    Hex screw M6×16 ISO7380 A4 (2 pcs)