Adding safety barriers as new modules to CAB100B - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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  • Empty DIN rail in the cabinet
  • The safety barriers you plan to install
  • Safety Barrier Wiring Set (Vaisala item code: ASM213201SP). The set contains the following:
    • Cable set for PDT or safety
    • Data logger data cable
    • Partition plate
    • Data logger holder
  • DL4000 data logger(s), 1 logger per 4 safety barriers
  • Small flat head screwdriver

For item codes, see Spare parts and accessories.

The partition plate is needed for isolating the intrinsically safe area from the non-intrinsically safe area inside the cabinet.
Each set of 4 safety barriers requires a Safety Barrier Wiring Set and a data logger of its own.
You can install only one type of device or measurement point (PDT101 transmitters, analog input channels, safety barriers, or galvanic isolators) per row in the cabinet.

In cabinet models with 5 to 8 data loggers, you need 2 serial port servers.

One serial port server controls the traffic of maximum 4 data loggers.

Make sure to number the data loggers as well as the cable sets and wires in the Safety Barrier Wiring Set before you install and connect them.
DL4000 data loggers are delivered with default factory settings. This applies both to the factory-installed data loggers and the ones delivered as spare parts. For instructions on configuring measurement units and scaling in the data loggers, see the Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server User Guide for your viewLinc version, available at

Follow the steps below to install safety barriers as new devices to an empty DIN rail in CAB100B. Refer to CAB100B layout diagrams when planning the installation.

For instructions on expanding the number of safety barriers installed in the cabinet, see Expanding safety barrier installation in CAB100B.

  1. De-energize the cabinet: switch off mains power and the circuit breaker located inside the cabinet.
    Circuit breaker
  2. Remove the cable duct from the bottom left corner of the cabinet, where the safety barriers will be installed.

    Set the cable duct and the screws aside, as you will need them in 18.

  3. Mount the partition plate.

    Use the predrilled screw holes in the backplate and the screws provided in the Safety Barrier Wiring Set (Vaisala item code: ASM213201SP).

    Partition plate
    Mounting screw M4×8 ECO-Fix Zn TX20 (2 pcs)