Expanding PDT101 transmitter installation in CAB100A - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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  • The PDT101 transmitters you plan to install
  • Small flat head screwdriver

For item codes, see Spare parts and accessories.

Check the type of your PDT101 transmitters (voltage model / current model) before ordering new devices, as you cannot mix different types of PDT101 models in a cabinet installation. For more information, see Spare parts and accessories.

Follow the steps below to add new PDT101 transmitters to an existing set of transmitters in CAB100A. Note the different steps for 24 V DC and PoE powered models.

Refer to CAB100A layout diagrams when planning the installation.

  1. Switch off mains power.
  2. De-energize the existing PDT101 transmitters as shown below.
  3. De-energizing 24 V DC powered CAB100A model:

    Disconnect the PDT101 power wires from the fuse terminal blocks located at the right-hand end of the power block.

  4. De-energizing vNet PoE powered CAB100A model:

    Disconnect the Ethernet PoE cable from the vNet device.

  5. Mount the new PDT101 transmitter on the DIN rail.

    Rest the upper part of the locking mechanism on the DIN rail and push down firmly. This will click the device into place.

  6. Use the existing wires in the PDT101 wire set to connect the new PDT101.

    Discard the black wire end caps before connecting the wires.

  7. Fasten the wires to the screw terminal connector in the PDT101 with a small flat head screwdriver.
    • Connect the black wire in the wire set to the COM terminal and the red wire to the Vin terminal of PDT101
    • When connecting the third wire in the wire set to the Vout terminal, please observe the color of the wire coming from the DL4000 data logger connector. The PDT101 transmitters installed at the factory are connected so that the rightmost PDT101 on the DIN rail is connected to data logger channel 4. See the location of the data logger connector and channel markings next to it in 6 above.
  8. Reconnect power in 24 V DC powered CAB100A model:
    1. Reconnect the power wires in the fuse terminal blocks.
    2. Switch on mains power.
  9. Reconnect power in vNet PoE powered CAB100A model:
    1. Reconnect the Ethernet PoE cable to the vNet device.