Removing and recycling data logger battery - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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Vaisala data loggers contain a non-chargeable lithium primary battery. When disposing of data loggers, remove the battery first. Recycle it separately from the rest of the data logger parts.

  • Pliers or wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutters
  1. Remove the 2 threaded nuts next to the connector on the logger body with pliers or wrench (for example, a 5 mm box wrench or an adjustable wrench).
  2. Use a screwdriver or pen to open the logger housing: push down the clips in the two openings on the side of the logger (next to the ventilation grille) and pull the housing open.
  3. Cut the pins that connect the battery to the circuit board from the ends of the battery.
  4. Twist the battery off the circuit board. To prevent short circuits, protect the battery contacts with tape (or put the battery in a plastic bag) before putting it to the battery recycling bin.
CAUTION The lithium inside the battery can cause a fire hazard or injury if handled incorrectly. Follow these precautions:
  • Do not break the battery or attempt to open it.
  • Do not expose the battery to temperatures over +100 °C (212 °F).
  • Do not expose the contents of the battery to water.
Recycle the battery and the data logger electronics and housing in accordance with local waste management practices and regulations. Do not dispose of with regular household refuse.