Expanding safety barrier installation in CAB100A - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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  • The safety barriers you plan to install
  • Small flat head screwdriver

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Vaisala recommends that you use the cable lead-throughs on top of the cabinet to lead the external wiring for the safety barriers into the cabinet.
The cable set for safety contains wiring for 4 safety barriers. If the number of barriers inside CAB100A totals less than 4 after installation, leave the extra wires unconnected and the wire end caps in place.

Follow the steps below to add new safety barriers to an existing set of devices in CAB100A. A maximum of 4 barriers can be housed inside CAB100A.

Refer to CAB100A layout diagrams when planning the installation.

  1. Switch off mains power.
  2. De-energize the existing safety barriers.

    Disconnect the barrier power wires from the fuse terminal blocks located at the right-hand end of the power block.

  3. Take note of the wiring instructions printed on the side of the barrier. The information will be relevant when connecting wires in the intrinsically safe screw terminals of the barrier in 6.
  4. Mount the barrier on the DIN rail.
    CAUTION A safety distance of minimum 100 mm (3.94 in) must remain between the DL4000 data logger and the leftmost barrier.
    1. Make sure the blue end of the device, with the intrinsically safe screw terminals, faces up towards the top of the cabinet.
    2. Rest the locking mechanism at the back of the barrier on the DIN rail and push down firmly. This will click the device into place.
  5. To connect the new barrier, use the existing barrier wires in the cable set.
    1. Discard the black wire end caps.
    2. Observing polarity, connect the wires to the connectors at the bottom of the barrier.