Replacing DL4000 data loggers in CAB100A and CAB100B - CAB100 - DL4000

CAB100 Installation Guide

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  • Replacement DL4000 data loggers
  • Small flat head screwdriver

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When sending a data logger for calibration to Vaisala, you do not need to remove the data logger from the logger holder.
DL4000 data loggers are delivered with default factory settings. This applies both to the factory-installed data loggers and the ones delivered as spare parts. For instructions on configuring measurement units and scaling in the data loggers, see the Vaisala viewLinc Enterprise Server User Guide for your viewLinc version, available at

Follow the steps below to replace calibrated or faulty DL4000 data loggers.

  1. Switch off mains power.
  2. De-energize CAB100A or CAB100B as shown in the following steps.
  3. De-energizing 24 V DC powered CAB100A model:

    Disconnect the PDT101 power wires from the fuse terminal blocks located at the right-hand end of the power block.

  4. De-energizing vNet PoE powered CAB100A model:

    Disconnect the Ethernet PoE cable from the vNet device.

  5. De-energizing CAB100B:
    1. Switch off the circuit breaker located inside the cabinet.
    2. Disconnect the 24 V DC power wire connector from the power block located on the right-hand side of the cabinet.
  6. To unmount an existing data logger, first disconnect the data logger connector from the data logger.
  7. Unmount the logger holder from the DIN rail.

    Release the locking clip and pull out from the bottom of the holder.

  8. Disconnect the logger data cable from the data logger.

    Use a small flat head screwdriver to loosen the screw attached to the connector, then pull out the connector.