Leading cables through rubber flange - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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CAUTION To preserve the IP rating of the enclosure, make sure that you lead cables through the flanges as instructed.
  • Pipette
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire-stripping pliers
  1. Lead the cables into the enclosure using the pipette provided.
    Pipette for leading cable through rubber flange
  2. Insert the pipette through one of the feed-through rondels in the flange.
  3. Insert a cable and pull it through to the inside.
  4. Inside the enclosure, connect the cables and wires according to the wiring diagram.
CAUTION To avoid strain on the connector, make sure that you connect cables and wires properly. Too much strain may cause the cable or wire to fall off or damage the cable, wire, or connector.