Supplying power to external measurement device from CAB100B - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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CAUTION Before connecting any external measurement device to CAB100, refer to the wiring instructions in the device-specific user documentation.
CAUTION Do not power an external measurement device both via the CAB100 24 V DC power block and the CAB100 analog terminal block.

You can use the 24 V DC power block in CAB100 for powering measurement devices that require external powering.

For instructions on powering loop-powered devices via the CAB100 analog terminal block, see Wiring and powering loop-powered measurement devices.

To power an externally powered device from the CAB100B power block:

  1. De-energize the cabinet: switch off mains power and the circuit breaker located inside the cabinet.
    Circuit breaker
  2. Use the available connectors on the bottom row of the CAB100B power block for connecting the power wires of the external measurement device.

    The power block is located on the right-hand side of the cabinet.

  3. Connect the wires of the device in the same order as shown below: negative (black) on the right, with positive (red) on its left.

    Do not disconnect the existing power wires on the bottom row.

    Row available for power wires of external measurement devices
    Power wires from the CAB100B power supply module. Do not disconnect.
    CAUTION Some functionalities of external measurement devices (for example, sensor purge in Vaisala probes) may increase the power consumption of the devices momentarily. When powering external devices, please make sure that the additional power requirements do not exceed the capacity of the CAB100B power supply. If in doubt, contact Vaisala for more information.
  4. After connecting the power wires, reconnect power in the cabinet.
    1. Switch on the circuit breaker.
    2. Switch on mains power.