Replacing PDT101 transmitters in CAB100A and CAB100B - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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  • Replacement PDT101 transmitters
  • Small flat head screwdriver

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Follow the steps below to replace calibrated or faulty PDT101 transmitters.

  1. Switch off mains power.
  2. De-energize the PDT101 transmitters as shown in the following steps.
  3. De-energizing 24 V DC powered CAB100A model:

    Disconnect the PDT101 power wires from the fuse terminal blocks located at the right-hand end of the power block.

  4. De-energizing vNet PoE powered CAB100A model:

    Disconnect the Ethernet PoE cable from the vNet device.

  5. De-energizing CAB100B:
    1. Switch off the circuit breaker located inside the cabinet.
    2. Disconnect the PDT101 power wire connector from the power block located on the right-hand side of the cabinet.
  6. Unplug the screw terminal connector from the PDT101 transmitter.
  7. To release the PDT101 from the DIN rail, insert a small flat head screwdriver into the black plastic clip extending slightly below the transmitter case.
  8. Force the spring clip down to release the PDT101 from the DIN rail.
  9. Mount the new PDT101 on the DIN rail.

    Rest the upper part of the locking mechanism on the DIN rail and push down firmly. This will click the device into place.

  10. Use the existing screw terminal connector, and plug in the connector to its mating connector in the PDT101.
  11. Reconnect power in 24 V DC powered CAB100A model:
    1. Reconnect the power wires in the fuse terminal blocks.