Installation safety - CAB100

CAB100 Installation Guide

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WARNING Only licensed experts may install electrical components. They must adhere to local and state legislation and regulations.
WARNING Do not open the AC/DC power supply module. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the module. If the power supply module is faulty, replace it.
WARNING Keep away from live circuits. Operating personnel must observe safety regulations at all times.
WARNING Ground the product and verify installation grounding periodically to minimize shock hazard.
WARNING After disconnecting the power cable, dangerous voltages can exist for some time. To avoid injury, disconnect the power and discharge circuits before touching them.

CAB100 analog input channels are not surge protected. Therefore, note the following:

  • The analog input channel wiring must not exceed 30 meters.
  • The wiring must not come from outside the building where CAB100 is installed.

If CAB100 cannot be installed in an environment that meets the above criteria, use a suitable surge protection device that has been installed following local regulations.

CAUTION Do not use the power block in CAB100 to power measurement devices that cannot be loop-powered. For wiring instructions of externally powered measurement devices, see Wiring externally powered measurement devices.
CAUTION When working in explosion hazardous areas with installations involving safety barriers or galvanic isolators, ensure that you comply with the safe work procedure outlined in EN IEC 60079-14 and possible applicable local safety standards.
CAUTION Do not modify the unit or use it in ways not described in the documentation. Improper modification or use may lead to safety hazards, equipment damage, failure to perform according to specification, decreased equipment lifetime, or the warranty becoming void.
CAUTION For safety reasons, do not carry out installations alone. Safe installation requires at least 2 people.