Safety - PJB480

PJB480 Installation and Maintenance Guide

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PJB480 has been tested for safety.

Note the following precautions on the product label:

   Warns about electricity and dangerous voltage.

Note the following precautions in documentation:

Warning Do not open the AC/DC power supply unit. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the unit. If the power supply unit is faulty, contact Vaisala.
Warning If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by Vaisala, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.
CAUTION Use an AC (mains) cable with a minimum cross‑section of 3 × 1.5 mm2 (15 AWG). Thinner cables can damage sensors or the system.
CAUTION Do not damage or change the wiring. Incorrect wiring can cause damage and prevent or limit operation.
CAUTION Improper modification can damage the product or lead to malfunction. Any modification voids your warranty.
CAUTION Only qualified maintenance personnel may perform maintenance procedures.
CAUTION Ground all sensors and route the cables as instructed. Careless installation can cause damage and prevent or limit operation.
To prevent corrosion and oxidation, use copper paste or equivalent between different kinds of metal (for example, stainless steel screws and aluminum sensor support arm).