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PJB480 Installation and Maintenance Guide

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Vaisala Power Junction Box PJB480 provides operational and heating power to Vaisala WINDCAP Ultrasonic Wind Sensor WMT700. PJB480 is designed for demanding conditions, such as maritime use and cold climates.

PJB480 is equipped with two 24 VDC power supplies and has the maximum output power of 480 W. It provides power for keeping the WMT700 sensor operational and heated, thus preventing build-up of ice and snow. With PJB480, WMT700 can be fully heated (including sensor transducers, arms, and body) to keep the sensor functional in the harshest and coldest environments. PJB480 supports one WMT700.

PJB480 withstands low temperatures, down to −55 °C (−67 °F). Its housing is waterproof (IP66) and made of stainless steel. A mounting plate for wall or bulkhead installation is included in the delivery. PJB480 can also be mounted to a mast using an optional APPK‑SET mounting kit.

PJB480 is a durable solution for cold climates and demanding maritime conditions; it is compliant with IEC 60945 standards. PJB480 can be used with a standalone WMT700 or with a WMT700 that is part of a Vaisala Automatic Weather Station.

The maximum altitude for operating PJB480 is 2000 m (6 500  ft).