Parameters for advanced adjustments - AQT400

AQT400 Series Configuration Guide

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The advanced parameters are available for adjusting the measurements. To use the parameters, establish a connection to AQT400. See Connecting to AQT400 with RS-232 (CLI).

Use the advanced parameters with the set and show commands.

Table 1. Parameters for advanced use of set command
Parameter Read/Write Description
co_zero R/W CO offset (-10000 … 10000 ppb)
co_span R/W CO gain (1 … 255 %)
no2_zero R/W NO2 offset (-10000 … 10000 ppb)
no2_span R/W NO2 gain (1 … 255 %)
h2s_zero R/W H2S offset (-10000 … 10000 ppb)
h2s_span R/W H2S gain (1 … 255 %)
so2_zero R/W SO2 offset (-10000 … 10000 ppb)
so2_span R/W SO2 gain (1 … 255 %)
pm25_zero R/W PM2.5 offset
pm25_span R/W PM2.5 gain
pm10_zero R/W PM10 offset
pm10_span R/W PM10 gain
To save the configuration changes, type write --really.