Connecting to AQT400 with RS-232 (CLI) - AQT400

AQT400 Series Configuration Guide

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The RS-232 interface is used mainly for the maintenance connection.

To change all of the transmitter settings, read measurements, and review diagnostics data, establish a terminal connection to the air quality transmitter.

  1. Connect AQT400 to a computer with the service cable kit.
  2. Switch on AQT400.
  3. Open a terminal program (for example, PuTTY).
  4. To establish a connection with the serial interface of AQT400, select the COM port.

    If your computer has several serial interfaces (such as COM1 and COM2), you may have to switch interfaces to find the right one.

    Use the following settings:

    • 115200 bps
    • 8N1 (8 data bits, no parity, one stop bit)
    • No flow control

    If you connect several devices to the same port, define the correct parity setting.