Configuring parity - AQT400

AQT400 Series Configuration Guide

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Depending on if you connect one or multiple devices to the same port, define the correct parity setting.

  1. Establish a connection to AQT400. See Connecting to AQT400 with RS-232 (CLI).
  2. Select the parity according to your setup. If you connect multiple devices to the same port, all the devices must have the same parity setting.

    For example, if the system uses odd parity, set the device parity to odd:

    set rs485_parity=o

    The parity setting options are:

    • Even parity: set rs485_parity=e
    • Odd parity: set rs485_parity=o
    • No parity: set rs485_parity=n
  3. To reboot the device and check that the settings are correct, type the following:
    reboot --really
    show rs485_parity
  4. When done, close the connection.