Configuring Modbus RTU mode - AQT400

AQT400 Series Configuration Guide

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Modbus RTU mode may give communication errors. This does not affect data transfer or the availability and accuracy of measurement data. You may safely ignore the errors.
  1. Establish a connection to AQT400. See Connecting to AQT400 with RS-232 (CLI).
  2. Port settings are 8E1 (8 data bits, even parity, one stop bit). To use the RS-485 port in Modbus RTU mode, type the following:
    set rs485_baud=9600
    set rs485_mode=4
    set rs485_parity=e
    set rs485_databits=8
    write --really
    reboot --really

    If you connect several devices to the same port, define the correct parity setting.

  3. To reboot the device and check that the settings are correct, type the following:
    reboot --really
    show rs485_mode
  4. When done, close the connection.