Vaisala Multi-Observation Gateway MOG100 - MOG100

MOG100 Configuration Guide

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Vaisala Multi-Observation Gateway MOG100 is a gateway and logger device for Vaisala Air Quality Transmitter AQT400 Series and Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series. MOG100 includes the following components:
  • GSM module for wireless communication
  • Battery regulator for solar panel and battery input
  • Memory for data logging and local buffering

MOG100 sends the measuring data from the air quality or weather transmitters to Vaisala Beacon Cloud, Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10, and third-party servers, using the integrated 3.5G (4‑band GSM) cellular modem. MOG100 communicates using the secure HTTP over TCP/IP protocol (HTTPS).

MOG100 is enclosed in an IP66‑rated weatherproof aluminum casing and can be installed outdoors. The unit has dedicated connectors for AQT400, WXT530, and for power and maintenance.