Configuring Local Data Logging - MOG100

MOG100 Configuration Guide

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Measurement data is transferred to Beacon Cloud. If you want to log measurement data locally in the gateway, configure the logging in AQ Tool.
  1. Open AQ Tool and establish a maintenance connection to the gateway.
  2. In Configuration, set the Logging interval in minutes.

    Logging interval defines how often the gateway stores the measurement data in the local memory. The default setting 0 means that logging is not in use.

    To define the logging interval to be 10 minutes, use the parameter logint and type 10.

  3. To save the changes, select Write to eeprom.

    The device starts to log data.

    With 10-minute logging, the memory is full after approximately 2 months when approximately 10 000 measurements have been logged. When the memory is full, logging is disabled. To enable logging again, read and clear the memory.

To change the communication or measurement interval, use Beacon Cloud.

Measurement interval defines how often measurements are taken.

Communication interval defines how often data is transferred from the device to the cloud.