Clearing Logging Data from Memory - MOG100

MOG100 Configuration Guide

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MOG100 logs data based on the logging interval defined in AQ Tool. When the memory is full logging is disabled. To enable logging again, you must read and clear the memory.
  1. Establish a maintenance connection to MOG100. See Vaisala Multi-Observation Gateway MOG100 User Guide.

    AQ Tool recognizes the device and if the memory contains logging data.

  2. Select Read.
  3. When prompted, select the location where you want to store the data in the CSV file format.

    Data transfer from MOG100 to the computer starts. This can take several minutes depending on the amount of data to transfer.

  4. When MOG100 finishes reading the memory, select Clear to clear the memory.
    MOG100 continues to log data according to the defined logging interval.