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HMD62 TMD62 Quick Guide

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The duct mounted HMD60 HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters are designed for monitoring humidity and temperature in demanding HVAC and light industrial applications. HMD60 series transmitters provide stable, reliable, and highly accurate (up to ±1.5 %RH and ±0.1 °C (0.18 °F)) measurements, and are resistant to chemicals and dust.

HMD60 series transmitter options include 2 analog output models: HMD62 for measuring both humidity and temperature, and TMD62 for temperature measurements. Both HMD62 and TMD62 use 4 ... 20 mA loop powered current output. The HMD65 transmitter model includes both analog and digital output options.

Thanks to easy access to electronics also when the transmitter is installed to a duct, configuration and adjustment can be carried out quickly and conveniently. Available configuration and adjustment interface options range from physical trimmers and DIP switches on the transmitter's circuit board to Vaisala Insight PC software for Windows®.