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MAWS201M Spare Part Guide

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Spare part manual

This document provides illustrated spare part lists for Vaisala TacMet Weather Station MAWS201M. The information on the available spare parts is listed separately for each of the main components.

The spare parts lists contain the following information:

  • Vaisala product code: refer to this code when ordering parts from Vaisala
  • Common name of the spare part
  • NSN: NATO Stock Number
  • Maintenance level: See Table 1
  • Quantity of the parts in the system
The spare part lists in this document cover the basic MAWS201M system and Enhancement 2: Present Weather Sensors. For more information on MAWS201M, see Vaisala TacMet® Tactical Meteorological Observation System MAWS201M User Guide.

Depending on the complexity of the maintenance task associated with the spare part, a spare part can be intended for either user-level maintenance (field maintenance) or maintenance crew use. The maintenance level is defined in the spare parts lists.

Table 1. MAWS201M maintenance levels
User crew level Maintenance crew level
Level 1 Level 2
Field maintenance actions Sustainment maintenance actions
On-system Off-system
Plug and play Disassemble/Assemble
Fewer tools required Wide variety of tools in use
Replace Repair
Some cases may require factory maintenance (level 3).