MAWS201M Basic System - MAWS201M

MAWS201M Spare Part Guide

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Figure 1. MAWS201M with Basic System equipment, main components
Table 1. Main components of MAWS201M Basic System
Number in figure Code Component name and link NSN code
MAWS201M Basic System 6660‑22‑309‑2921
1 WMS302M Combined Wind Sensor, see WMS302M spare parts. 6660-99-378-7075
2 QM30154-MEKASP Telescopic mast assembly, see QM30154-MEKASP spare parts. 5985-58-000-6687
3 QMA102M Sensor arm assembly, see QMA102M spare parts. 6660-99-147-5309
  3a QMR101M Rain Gauge, see QMA102M spare parts. 6660-01-507-5716
  3b DTR502 Radiation shield, see QMA102M spare parts.
  3c HMP155D2AB11A0A0A1A0A HUMICAP Humidity​​ and Temperature Probe HMP155 with cable for MAWS201M (inside DTR502 radiation shield), see HMP155 spare parts. 6660-58-000-2016
4 QPD101 Power Distribution Unit, see QPD101 spare parts. 6150-01-504-7741
5 QMASSY201M Tripod assembly with QME101M, QTR102, and QMP201, see QMASSY201M spare parts.
  5a QM30206SP Telescope legs assembly, see QMASSY201M spare parts. 6660-01-625-4088
  5b QME101M-MEKA Enclosure for MAWS201M, QME101M without QML data logger, see QMASSY201M spare parts. 5999-58-000-6686
  5c QML201T QML data logger for MAWS201M (inside QME101M enclosure), see QMASSY201M spare parts. 5998-01-541-9243
  5d QMP201 Solar/Mains Power Supply Unit, see QMASSY201M spare parts. 6117-99-167-4873


QTR102SP Transit case for basic system, tripod, see QMASSY201M spare parts. 8145-99-665-5093
6 QMD102M Handheld Terminal, see QMD102M spare parts. 7025-58-000-8661
7 TACLAP-PCR AviMet computer, see TACLAP‑PCR spare parts.
8 QTR101SP Transit case for basic system sensors 8145-99-836-3970
19772 Suunto Global Compass MC‑2/360G, see MC‑2/360G spare parts. 6605‑25‑149‑1938
QMY103MSP Set of ground and foot pegs with bag, see QMY103MSP spare parts. 5975-13-118-8037
ZZ45202 Computer – MAWS201M cable 6150-99-215-1114
ZZ45114 Landline cable for the computer and handheld terminal 5995-99-616-1511