Testing and Adjusting Analog Output Current (mA) Level - SWINSIGHT10 - TMD62 - HMD62 - HMD60

HMD62 TMD62 User Guide

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  • Computer with Windows operating system and Vaisala Insight software installed
  • Vaisala USB cable 219690 for connecting the probe to Insight
  • Multimeter for checking the analog output reading (connect in series to measure the current output)
Note that configuring these settings requires using Insight in Advanced Mode.

You can test the current (mA) output level of the transmitter with a multimeter, and adjust the output level (2-point adjustment) if necessary.

CAUTION Always switch Test mode off after testing to return the analog outputs to normal operating mode. The transmitter does not output measurement data when the analog outputs are in test mode.
  1. Switch to Advanced Mode in the Settings menu.
  2. Select > Calibrate > Yes to switch the probe to calibration mode.
  3. Select the analog output you want to test (Analog Output 1[2]).
  4. Follow the instructions in the Insight interface to carry out required output tests and adjustments.