Performing guided temperature calibration with Indigo80 handheld indicator - HPP272 - SWINSIGHT10

HPP272 User Guide

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  • Probe connection cable (cable 272075SP or flat cable CBL210493SP: see accessory information)
  • Reference environment(s) for producing the desired reference values

In guided calibration, the indicator guides you through the calibration process step by step. At the end, you can also adjust the measurement, if needed.

You can choose to do either 1-point or 2-point calibration, and choose to use the reference environment or instrument of your choice, for example, another probe connected to your indicator.

  1. Make sure you have completed the RH for H2O2 calibration and adjustment.
  2. Prepare the temperature calibrator equipment for temperature calibration point 1.
  3. Connect the probe that you are adjusting to Indigo80.
  4. Perform a sensor purge, or wait for the start-up purge to finish.
  5. Open the main menu by pressing .
  6. Select Devices. If you have more than one device connected to the indicator, make a further selection between the devices.
  7. Select Calibrate / Adjust.
  8. Select Temperature.
  9. Select Guided calibration.
  10. In Calibration points, select the number of the calibration points: 1 point or 2 points.
  11. In Reference, select the desired reference environment(s) or reference instrument(s).

    When you have selected the reference environments for 2-point calibration, press to get back to the previous view.

  12. Select Start calibration.

    The indicator guides you through the calibration process from this point onwards. Press to proceed from one view to another.