Adjusting temperature with Indigo200 transmitter - HPP272 - INDIGO201 - INDIGO202

HPP272 User Guide

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  • Indigo200 transmitter with USB cable (type C to A or type C to C)
  • Indigo connection cable (see Accessories and spare parts)
  • One or two known and stable temperature references
CAUTION Do not expose the probe to H2O2 vapor when the probe is in calibration mode and sensor heating is off. Exposure to H2O2 condensation can cause the PEROXCAP sensor to fail within a day, and the sensor will not recover.
  1. Make sure you have completed the RH for H2O2 calibration and adjustment.
  2. Prepare the temperature calibrator equipment for temperature calibration point 1.
  3. Connect the probe to the Indigo transmitter, and then connect the Indigo transmitter to Insight PC software.Wait until Insight detects the probe.
  4. Perform a sensor purge, or wait for the start-up purge to finish.
  5. To open the Insight PC software calibration menu, select to access Insight main menu. In the main menu, select Calibrate > Yes.

    In calibration mode, the device will not use functions that may interfere with calibration and adjustment.

  6. Open the T adjustment tab.
  7. Remove any possible previous adjustments by selecting Restore factory adjustment.
  8. Insert the probe head in the first reference environment.
  9. Wait for the measurement to stabilize fully. This may take more than 30 minutes. Monitor the readings to see when the measurement has stabilized.
  10. Enter the value of the first reference into the Reference value, point 1 field.

    The probe automatically enters the measured values for the calibration point.

  11. If you want to perform a two-point calibration and adjustment, repeat steps 8 … 10 for calibration point 2.
  12. Check the difference between each reference and measured value. Very large differences may be due to insufficient stabilization time or unsuitable calibration setup.
  13. Select Activate adjustment to store the adjustment in the probe.
  14. Select Close > Yes to exit the calibration mode.