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In analog output mode, the probe outputs the readings of two measurement parameters (one parameter in each analog output channel). These measurement parameters are chosen when ordering the probe, and you can change them using the Insight software, the Indigo80 handheld indicator, and via Modbus. You can check the chosen parameters in the calibration certificate delivered with the probe.

The default output range for both channels is 4 ... 20 mA.

When using analog outputs, it is recommended to use a low supply voltage to minimize self-heating and maximize measurement performance. The operating voltage range with analog output is 15 ... 25 V.

When the probe performs the sensor purge, the analog outputs have a defined behavior:

  • During start-up purge, analog output is in the error state (default: 3.6 mA).
  • During interval purge and manually triggered purge, output is frozen to show the last measured value before the purge began.