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HPP272 User Guide

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Figure 1. Indigo200, Indigo300, and Indigo500 series transmitters with probe connection examples

HPP270 series probes are compatible with Vaisala Indigo transmitters. Connecting the probe to an Indigo series transmitter provides a range of additional options for outputs, measurement viewing, status monitoring, and configuration interface access.

Depending on the Indigo transmitter model, the available options include, for example, configurable displays and relays, analog or digital output channels, and various options for configuration and monitoring using PC software or the transmitter's local interface.

For more information on the features of different Indigo transmitter models, see

For instructions on installing and configuring Indigo transmitters, see the applicable Indigo transmitter user documentation available at the Vaisala documentation portal

Note that Indigo200 transmitters switched from a WLAN configuration interface to a USB-C cable configuration interface (Vaisala Insight PC software) in 2022. For instructions on configuring HPP270 probes with the earlier WLAN interface, see the earlier HPP272 User Guide revision M211972EN-F, available at