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Table 1. Document versionsThis document provides instructions for installing, using, and maintaining Vaisala PEROXCAP® Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity and Temperature Probe HPP272.
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M211972EN-G April 2023

This document. Added information on the Indigo80 handheld indicator. Updated information on Indigo series transmitter models and added instructions on calibration and adjustment with Indigo200 series transmitters using the new USB-C (Insight) interface. Added information on the use of filter in calibration and adjustment. Added information on thermal insulation and use of shielded cables when installing. Modbus register descriptions and accessories list updated.

M211972EN-F April 2020 Previous version. Low H2O2 threshold functionality (available starting from probe SW version 1.3.6) added.
M211972EN-E October 2019 Updated the instructions for using the ATEST output test in Insight PC software and added information on the probe SW version requirements for ATEST. Corrected trademark information.