Connection Option 1: Use Without Internet (iPhone example) - INDIGO200SERIES - INDIGO202

Indigo 202 User Guide

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Activate Indigo's wireless (WLAN) configuration interface with the button on the bottom of the transmitter and select Indigo from your phone's list of available WLAN connections.
To connect to Indigo's wireless configuration interface using the Use Without Internet option:
  1. When the notification about additional steps being required is shown, select Cancel.
    If selecting Cancel returns you to the list of available WLAN connections, select Indigo from the list and then select Cancel again in the notification screen.
  2. In the next dialog, select Use Without Internet.
  3. Open you browser application (for example, Safari).
  4. If the Indigo login screen does not launch automatically when you open your browser, enter Indigo's default IP address in the browser's address bar.