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Indigo 202 User Guide

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This document provides detailed instructions for using and maintaining Vaisala Indigo 202 digital transmitter.

Table 1. Document Versions (English)
Document Code Date Description
M211966EN-C Oct 2018 This document.
  • Power supply input specification changed from 15 ... 30 VDC (20 ... 22 VAC) to 15 … 30 VDC (24VAC +/- 10 %) due to component board update.
  • Updated the information on disabling autologin and other additional WLAN settings when connecting to Indigo wireless configuration interface.
  • Clarified the user level requirements (admin login required) for configuring settings.
  • Updated probe compatibility information.
  • Probe locking wheel color changed.
M211966EN-B Dec 2017 Previous version. User interface updates in place from transmitter software version 1.3.0 onwards.
  • Measurements view updated to include graph display on/off selection and numerical measurements tab.
  • Date and time configuration added to the Settings > General menu.
  • Updated transmitter cover opening instructions.
  • Updated probe compatibility information.
  • Added information on the display measurement reading behavior during probe processes.


May 2017 First version of the document.