Changing User Level - INDIGO202 - INDIGO200SERIES

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A link that allows logging in with a different user level is included in the upper right corner of all menu views. The text of the link shows the current user level.
Figure 1. User Level (User/Admin) in Upper Right Corner of Menu View
Current user level (User/Admin): select the text or icon to log in with a different user level
To change between the User and Admin user levels:
  1. Select the link that shows the current user level (User or Admin) on the upper right corner of any menu view.
    Selecting the link logs you out of the interface, and a new login is required.
  2. The login screen opens. Log in as User or Admin.
    CAUTION You must be logged in as Admin to start and close the calibration mode. When you have started calibration mode, you must always close the calibration mode to return to normal operating mode. Measurement performance can be affected when operating in calibration mode.