WLAN and RS-485 Termination OFF/ON DIP Switches - INDIGO200SERIES - INDIGO202

Indigo 202 User Guide

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Figure 1. WLAN and RS-485 DIP Switches on Indigo 202 Circuit Board. If your application requires switching WLAN communication or RS-485 termination off or on, use the DIP switches on the Indigo circuit board.
WLAN functionality OFF or ON
RS-485 termination OFF or ON
To switch WLAN or RS-485 termination OFF or ON with DIP switches:
  1. Power off the transmitter.
  2. Open the transmitter cover.
    CAUTION To avoid damaging the connector pins of the transmitter, pull the transmitter cover off the base in a straight angle. Do not twist or bend.
  3. Use a small screwdriver or a similar tool to change the position of the WLAN (1) or RS-485 termination ON/OFF (2) DIP switches.
  4. When done, close the transmitter cover and power on Indigo.
    Indigo does not display a notification about the WLAN functionality being disabled when a user attempts to enable it with the wireless connection activation button.