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The Calibration menu of the wireless configuration interface contains options for calibrating and adjusting the measurement of the probe you have connected to the transmitter. You can also view the current adjustment and restore the probe's factory adjustments.

Figure 1. Calibration Menu Main View
Calibration tab
Configuration tab
Diagnostics tab
Measurements tab
There are 4 tabs in the Calibration menu:
  • Calibration: the main adjustment view with options for making adjustments, viewing adjustments, and restoring factory adjustments.
  • Configuration: options for using environmental compensations (probe-specific range of options) that allow compensating for the conditions present in the calibration environment, for example, pressure, temperature, and background gases. Also includes probe-specific configuration options that are not mandatory for use with Indigo.
  • Diagnostics: this tab contains information about the status of the measurement and the probe, and shows the current environmental compensation configuration.
  • Measurements: this tab shows the current probe measurement in numeric format (use this view, for example, when you need to follow measurement stablization in a reference environment without leaving the Calibration menu).
CAUTION Before adjusting a probe's measurement, make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the probe-specific calibration requirements such as possible adjustment limits and environmental compensation interdependencies. See the probe's documentation set for probe-specific information.

The range of available options for certain parameters (for example, environmental compensations and the number of adjustment points) varies depending on the features of the connected probe.

The menu examples presented here show the calibration options for Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP252 (ppmCO2 measurement).