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Indigo 202 User Guide

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To connect to the Indigo wireless configuration interface with a computer:
  1. Enable wireless connectivity (WLAN) from your computer's settings.
  2. Press the wireless connection activation button on the bottom of the Indigo transmitter until the transmitter notifies about a WLAN connection being active.
  3. Open your computer's wireless connections menu and choose Indigo_ID[xx] (transmitter-specific SSID) from the list of available connections.
  4. When you have established a connection, open your browser. Depending on your browser and system, you are either directed to the wireless configuration interface's login screen, or you may need to:
    1. open a new browser tab or window, or close and restart your browser, if the browser was already open when you connected to Indigo's access point.
    2. acknowledge the connection in a notification prompt before opening your browser or a new browser tab or window.
    The default IP address of the Indigo transmitter is If you have trouble opening the wireless configuration interface in your browser, try entering the IP address in the browser's address bar.
  5. When the wireless configuration interface opens in your browser, you are prompted to log in. For instructions, see Logging in to Wireless Configuration Interface.