Preparing foundations for concrete pour - DKE110AV - DKE110W

DKE110W and DKE110AV User Guide

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  • Cable conduit 525 mm (20.67 in), Ø 50 mm (1.97 in) R300 (2 pcs)
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen or marker
  • Saw
  • Shovel (1 to 2 pcs)
  • Spirit level
  • Stands for reinforcement structure
  • Steel wire
  • Tape
  • Steel reinforcement bar TW8 18.8 m (61.6 ft) / 7.4 kg (16.4 lb) to make:

    • Reinforcement TW8 C‑shape, base rod length 1000 mm (39.37 in) Ø 8 mm (12 pcs)
    • Reinforcement TW8 straight, base rod length 850 mm (33.46 in) Ø 8 mm (8 pcs)
  • Steel reinforcement bar TW10 17.4 m (57.0 ft) / 10.7 kg (23.6 lb) to make:

    • Lift part TW10, base rod length 1050 mm (41.34 in) Ø 10 mm (2 pcs)
    • Reinforcement TW10 straight, base rod length 850 mm (33.46 in) Ø 10 mm (18 pcs)
  • Wood for building the mold

To prepare the foundations, use:

  • Foundation bolt (6 pcs)
  • Hex nut ISO4032 M20 (9 pcs)
  • Template for positioning the foundation bolts (1 pc)

Prepare the installation location for 1 mast concrete foundation and 3 guy wire concrete foundations.

  1. Make 4 cast molds from wooden boards for the concrete foundations.

    The dimensions of the concrete foundations in the reference calculation must be:

    • Height 500 mm (19.69 in)
    • Width 950 mm (37.40 in)
    • Length 950 mm (37.40 in)
  2. For each foundation, dig a hole with sides approximately 2 m × 2 m (6 ft 7 in × 6 ft 7 in) and depth 1 m (3 ft 3 in).
    In a square foundation, the sides of the square must be in the North/South/East/West direction.
  3. Spread a layer of gravel and level the gravel with a wooden board.

    The distance from the surface of the gravel to the ground level must be 500 mm (20 in).

    Concrete foundation
    Cable conduit (2 pcs)
    Drainage (optional)
    Compacted gravel
  4. Compact the gravel with a plane compactor or similar device.
  5. Consider the individual site requirements and use drainage pipes if the ground on the site is wet.
  6. For each foundation, use:
    • Reinforcement TW8 to create 8 straight pieces, base rod length 850 mm (33.46 in)
    • Reinforcement TW10 to create 18 straight pieces, base rod length 850 mm (33.46 in)
    • Reinforcement TW8 to create 12 pieces of C shapes
    • Reinforcement TW10 to create 2 lift parts
  7. Build the reinforcement structure in the cast mold from TW8 and TW10 according to the given measurements and layout instructions.
    • Place stands under the reinforcement structure.
    • To hold the structure, use steel wire.
    TW10 straight (18 pcs). If no lift parts are used, 20 pcs.
    TW10 lift part (2 pcs), optional
    TW8 straight (8 pcs)
    TW10 straight
    TW8 C-shape (12 pcs)
    On the top layer of the reinforcements, place the lift parts under the straight parts.
  8. For the guy wire foundations, place 1 foundation bolt to each foundation and tie the bolt with wire to the steel reinforcement bars.
  9. For the mast foundation:
    1. Attach the mast foundation bolts to the template with nuts.
      Foundation bolt (3 pcs)
      Hex nut ISO4032 M20 (9 pcs)
    2. Attach two 2‑by‑4‑inch wood planks with screws to the cast mold so that they hold the template in the middle of the cast mold.
    3. In the cast mold, attach the template assembly with screws to the planks and with wire to the steel reinforcement bars.

      Check the correct orientation of the template.

    4. Check that the foundation bolts are at the correct height, vertical, and on the same level with each other.
      Make sure that 120 mm (4.72 in) of the foundation bolts is above the surface of the concrete foundation.
  10. For the mast foundation, place 2 cable conduits to the cast mold and tie the cable conduits with wire to the steel reinforcement bars.
  11. To protect the threads of the foundation bolts from concrete splashes, use electrical tape or similar.