Changing Environmental Compensation Settings with Indigo - GMP252 - INDIGO201 - INDIGO202

GMP252 User Guide

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The configuration options in Indigo transmitters include probe-specific settings that vary depending on the features of the connected probe.

In the case of Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probes GMP251 and GMP252, the probe-specific settings allow configuring the filtering factor and environmental compensations.

To change the environmental compensation settings:
  1. Launch the Indigo wireless configuration interface and open the Settings > Probe menu.
  2. Enable the required environmental compensations (set the compensation On or Off) you need to use in the Measurement selections. For temperature compensation, select either the measurement from the probe sensor (Measured), or manual Setpoint entry.
  3. Enter the setpoint values for the compensations you have enabled into the Compensation setpoints text fields.
    The values entered into the Compensation setpoints fields are only for temporary use: when you reset the probe, the default values (see Compensation power-up defaults) are restored.
  4. Enter the power-up default compensation values that are stored into the probe's permanent memory.
    The values entered into the Compensation power-up defaults fields remain in use also after probe reset.
  5. The values you enter are saved automatically when you exit the input field (for example, tap on an area outside of the field).
Note that the environmental compensations you set in the Settings > Probe and the compensations set on the Configuration tab of the Calibration menu are interconnected: the configuration set in either menu is applied to both.