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Table 1. Document Versions
Document Code Date Description
M211897EN-D March 2018
  • Added information about using the probe with Vaisala Insight PC software.
  • PuTTy terminal settings instructions updated.
  • Calibration uncertainty specification updated.
  • DTR250A radiation shield pole mounting kit added.
  • Added recommendation to disable MI70 indicator's automatic power off feature when used with GMP252.
  • Updated instructions on using MI70 to configure environmental compensations.
  • Default device address in serial line communication corrected (240).
  • Corrected the unit information of sdelay command.
  • Added a note about maximum voltage output to analog error state output configuration.
  • Information on Modbus register numbers updated.
M211897EN-C June 2017
  • Added information about using the probe with Vaisala Indigo transmitters.
  • Added flow-through apdater accessory ASM212011SP, spray shield accessory ASM212017SP, and radiation shield accessory DTR250.
  • Modbus status register information updated.
  • Calibration adapter order code corrected.
M211897EN-B August 2016 Modbus status register values and descriptions updated.