Logging in to Wireless Configuration Interface - GMP252 - INDIGO201 - INDIGO202

GMP252 User Guide

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Figure 1. Indigo Login View
When you open Indigo's wireless configuration interface in your browser, you are prompted to log in. There are 2 available user levels:
  • User: view-only access available for all users. Does not require a password.
  • Admin: password-protected access. To change settings, you must log in as admin.
To log in:
  1. Enter the user name and password:
    1. To log in as user (view-only access, no configuration rights), select User from the User name dropdown. Leave the Password field empty.
    2. To log in as admin (required for configuration), select Admin in the User name dropdown and type the admin password (default: 12345) in the Password field.
  2. Select Log in after entering the login credentials. The wireless configuration interface opens in the Measurements view.

    The user level (User or Admin) is shown in the upper right corner of all menu views.

    Select the user/admin icon in the upper right corner to change the user level.