Wireless Configuration Interface Overview - GMP252 - INDIGO201 - INDIGO202

GMP252 User Guide

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Figure 1. Desktop and Mobile Example Views. Indigo transmitters are configured using a wireless browser-based configuration interface (requires a mobile device or computer with IEE 802.11 b/g/n WLAN wireless connectivity). In addition to probe and transmitter configuration and calibration, you can also use the wireless interface to view measurement data and status information.

The wireless configuration interface has two user levels:

  • All users have view-only access (no configuration rights, not password protected).
  • Personnel that carry out configuration tasks can log in with an administrative password that allows changing the transmitter and probe settings.

To use the wireless configuration interface to modify the settings of your Indigo transmitter and the connected probe, you must first enable the transmitter's wireless connection and then connect to Indigo with your mobile device or computer. Most major browsers (for example, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer) are supported: using the most recent version is recommended.