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GMP252 is designed for CO2 measurement in demanding applications that require reliable and accurate performance. The measurement range is 0 ... 10 000 ppmCO2 (measurements can be carried out in the 10 000 ... 30 000 ppmCO2 range with reduced accuracy).

The probe is based on Vaisala’s patented 2nd generation CARBOCAP® technology and equipped with Vaisala's Microglow infrared light source. The probe is easy to install with a plug-in/plug-out M12 connection.

GMP252 is able to compensate for temperature, pressure and background gas. For temperature compensation purposes, the probe includes an internal temperature sensor that allows measurement compensation according to ambient temperature. As dust and most chemicals do not affect the measurement, and the effect of temperature, pressure and background gas can be compensated for, GMP252 can provide accurate and stable measurements in a wide range of applications.

Figure 1. GMP252 Probe Parts
GMP251 Probe Parts
5-pin M12 connector. For pinout, see Wiring.
Probe name and orientation mark for Vaisala transmitter installations (front) and laser-printed type label (back).
Probe body. Contains the main component board.
Measurement cuvette with optics and CARBOCAP® CO2 sensor.
Filter (sintered, PTFE: see also Filter Options).
CAUTION Do not attempt to open the probe body. There are no user serviceable parts inside the probe body.