Indigo Wireless Connection Troubleshooting - GMP252

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The following table contains troubleshooting information related to accessing the wireless (WLAN) configuration interface of Vaisala Indigo transmitters.
Problem Possible Cause Remedy
The wireless device has connected to the Indigo access point, but the configuration interface does not launch. The device you are using to connect to Indigo does not launch the browser automatically after connecting to the access point. After connecting to Indigo, open your browser application.
The wireless connection requires an authentication or acknowledgement before the Indigo interface opens in your browser. Check your device's notifications to see if an authentication or login prompt is present for the Indigo connection. Acknowledge the connection and open your browser application if the interface does not launch automatically.
The Indigo access point does not show up in your device's list of available WLAN connections. Indigo access point is not enabled or an error has occurred. Switch off the Indigo WLAN connection, enable the connection again and retry.
Your device is too far from the transmitter or obstacles are blocking the signal. Move closer to the transmitter and refresh your device's access point list.
Indigo shows up in the list of available wireless connections, but connecting to it does not work. A device is already connected to the Indigo access point. Ensure that your device is the only one that is connecting to the wireless configuration interface.
The interface does not open in the browser. The browser has issues with loading the landing page. Enter the default Indigo IP address in the browser's address bar.
Cannot connect to the Indigo access point with iPhone. The iPhone WLAN settings prevent establishing a connection. See the iPhone connection instructions in the Indigo transmitter's User Guide.
Indigo does not respond when pressing the wireless connection activation button. WLAN functionality has been disabled with the WLAN ON/OFF DIP switch on Indigo's circuit board. Enable WLAN functionality with the WLAN ON/OFF DIP switch. See the instructions in the Indigo transmitter's User Guide.