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DKE110F Retrofit Guide

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This document provides instructions for replacing the mast base and lowest mast tube in Vaisala Guyed Frangible Mast DKE110F masts that do not have a mast plate. Replacing the mast base and lowest mast tube improves the durability of the mast base and makes it possible to install a winch for lowering and erecting the mast.
New mast plate
Table 1. Document versions (English)
Document code Date Description
M211891EN-C February 2023

The scope of this document has been updated from installing eye bolts for the winch to adding a mast plate to the mast and replacing the lowest mast tube. The name of the document has been changed from DKE110F Retrofit Winch Installation Guide to DKE110F Retrofit Guide.

The parts available for the upgrade have changed.

M211891EN-B January 2022

The name of this document has been updated from Winch for Installed DKE110F Masts Technical Note to DKE110F Retrofit Winch Installation Guide.

The lifting rod has been updated.

M211891EN-A June 2016 First version.