Adjusting H2O2 with Indigo200 transmitter - HPP271 - INDIGO201 - INDIGO202

HPP271 User Guide

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  • Indigo200 transmitter with USB cable (type C to A or type C to C)
  • Indigo connection cable (see Accessories and spare parts)
  • A reference probe and a display device for viewing the reference measurement. Vaisala recommends using a Vaisala HPP270 series probe that has recently been factory-calibrated.
  • An H2O2 vapor chamber that can produce a stable H2O2 vapor concentration level and where you can install your probe and the reference probe at the same time in such a location that their readings are comparable.
  1. Install your probe and the reference probe in the calibration environment. Make sure their installation location is such that the probes' readings are comparable, that is, the environment is identical for both probes.
  2. Connect the probe you are adjusting to the Indigo transmitter, and then connect the Indigo transmitter to Insight PC software.Wait until Insight detects the probe.
  3. Perform a sensor purge, or wait for the start-up purge to finish.
  4. To open the Insight PC software calibration menu, select to access Insight main menu. In the main menu, select Calibrate > Yes.
  5. Open the H₂O₂ adjustment tab.
    CAUTION It is very important to select H2O2 as the calibration mode. If you leave the probe in the RH calibration mode (default mode), the sensor heating is switched off and the sensor will not withstand exposure to H2O2 vapor.
  6. Remove any possible previous adjustments by selecting Restore factory adjustment.
  7. Wait until the ambient H2O2 concentration has reached the desired calibration and adjustment level. Monitor the H2O2 readings of both probes and allow the measurements to stabilize fully.
  8. When the measurements have stabilized, check the H2O2 concentration reading of the reference instrument. Enter the value of the reference into the Reference value, point 1 field.

    The probe automatically enters the measured value for the calibration point.

  9. Select Activate adjustment to store the adjustment in the probe.
  10. Select Close > Yes to exit the calibration mode.