Sensor vitality information in Insight - HPP271

HPP271 User Guide

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Due to the stresses of the H2O2 measurement environment, the PEROXCAP sensor will lose its functionality over time. In less demanding conditions, the sensor can remain functional for a considerable number of years. In environments with higher H2O2 concentrations and longer exposure periods, it is recommended to monitor the condition of the sensor regularly.

The status of the sensor can be reviewed from the Diagnostics Data view in Vaisala Insight PC software (Devices > [probe name] > Diagnostics). In the Diagnostics Data view, the condition of the sensor is shown as a percentage (0 … 100 %) on the Sensor vitality row.

A new sensor will have a sensor vitality of 100 %, and a sensor at the end of its life cycle will have a sensor vitality of 0 %. If you are using the probe in a demanding environment, contact Vaisala to arrange sensor maintenance or replacement once the sensor vitality value reaches 40 %.