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Registers using 32-bit float data format are encoded using the binary32 encoding defined in IEEE 754. The format is also known as "single-precision floating point format".

The least significant 16 bits of a floating point number are placed at the Modbus register listed in the table, while the most significant 16 bits are placed in the register with number/address + 1, as specified in Open Modbus TCP Specification, Release 1.0. This is also known as "little-endian" or "Modicon" word order.

Despite the specification, some Modbus masters may expect a "big-endian" word order (most significant word first). In such case, you must select "word-swapped" floating point format in your Modbus master for the Modbus registers of the device.

A complete 32-bit floating point or 32-bit integer value should be read and written in a single Modbus transaction.

CAUTION Reading the measurement data registers with incorrect floating point format setting may occasionally result in correct-looking, but nevertheless incorrect values.
It is highly recommended to verify that you have configured the floating point format correctly on your Modbus host system by reading a floating point value from a test value register.