Testing analog output level with Insight - HPP271

HPP271 User Guide

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  • HPP270 probe SW version 1.3.0 or above
  • Computer with Windows operating system and Vaisala Insight PC software installed
  • Vaisala USB cable (item code 242659) or Vaisala Indigo USB adapter (item code USB2) for connecting the probes to Vaisala Insight PC software
  • Device for powering the probe and viewing the analog output test current (range: 0.000 … 25.000 mA) sent by the probe
To test that the analog output of the probe is accurate, you can set the probe to output a fixed level of current (range: 0.000 … 25.000 mA) and view the reading to verify the output.
Figure 1. Setting current level for analog output test in Insight software
  1. Connect the probe to Insight. See Connecting to Insight software.
  2. Wait for the start-up purge to finish.
  3. Select > Configure device and then select which output you want to test (either Analog output 1 or Analog output 2).
  4. From the Output parameter dropdown, select ATEST.
  5. Enter the current level that you want the probe to output in the Test output level field.
  6. Take the settings into use by selecting Save.
  7. Disconnect the probe from the Insight USB cable and connect the probe to the device you are using to read the analog output test value.
  8. Read the analog output from the probe in your device and verify that the probe output is correct.
  9. After verifying the output, reconnect the probe to the Insight USB cable.
  10. Go back to the Insight analog output configuration options in the > Configure device menu, and change the Output parameter selection back to normal output operation.
    Repeat the configuration for each output as necessary and Save the selections.
  • ATEST is supported by HPP270 probe SW 1.3.0 and above.
  • Insight SW version does not support the ATEST output test functionality. See the related section in Problems and their possible solutions.