Cleaning the probe - HPP271

HPP271 User Guide

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CAUTION Do not remove the filter.
CAUTION Do not attempt to clean the sensors under the filter in any way.
Avoid exposing the probe to cleaning agents for unnecessarily long periods of time.

You can clean the H2O2 probe body by wiping it with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with water or mild cleaning agent, such as isopropanol. Do not wipe the filter: wiping the filter may block its pores and/or deposit residue on the filter. If the filter is heavily contaminated, replace it.

When cleaning, follow these precautions:
  • Avoid touching the filter. If you need to touch the filter, always wear clean gloves (cotton, rubber, or similar material). Keep the filter free of any grease or oil.
  • Do not scrape the probe body.
  • Do not immerse the probe in liquid to clean it.
  • Wipe cleaning agents off the probe after cleaning.

If needed, you can spray the probe surfaces with water.

After cleaning the probe, it is recommended to perform a sensor purge.