Attaching probes to Indigo500 transmitters - HPP271

HPP271 User Guide

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CAUTION The IP classification of probes is valid only when the probes are connected to the probe connection cable.
If you want to configure the probe settings, such as purge interval, you must do that before connecting the probe to the transmitter. To configure the probe, you can use the free Vaisala Insight PC software. For more information, see your probe's user guide and visit
If your transmitter was delivered with preconfigured analog outputs, make sure that you connect the measurement devices accordingly. See the label inside the transmitter enclosure for the correct order of the measurement devices.

Probe connection terminals are used to connect measurement devices, such as probes and refractometers, to the transmitter.

When the measurement device connection cables have been wired to the transmitter, you can connect and disconnect measurement devices both when the transmitter power is on and when it is off. If the power is on while you connect or disconnect a measurement device, the transmitter shows a notification about the measurement device. If you have configured the transmitter to use outputs, the transmitter also notifies you of the state of the outputs.

Connect only Vaisala Indigo-compatible devices to the transmitter.

Figure 1. Connecting measurement devices to Indigo500
Connection cable, probe 1
Connection cable, probe 2 (dual-device support in Indigo520)
Measurement device to be connected as probe 2 (GMP252 example)
Measurement device to be connected as probe 1 (HMP7 example)
The connector of the connection cable (M12 5-pin A-coded female)